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Monster Energy Super Cola JAPAN (12 Pack x 500 ml)

Monster Energy Super Cola JAPAN (12 Pack x 500 ml)

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Monster Energy Super Cola Japan Aluminum Bottle 500ml / Japanese versions of Monster Energy Super Cola.

Aluminum bottle created exclusively for the Japanese market.

A treat for all Monster Energy collectors!

Monster Energy Japan Aluminum Bottle is an extremely collectible version of the Monster energy drink in a large aluminum bottle with a capacity of up to 500ml! A Japanese version not to be missed as a collector.

The 500 ml aluminum bottle is characterized by the unmistakable black color in contrast with the red of the particular Monster brand and the "Super Cola" writing, also in red.

The entire can features Japanese writing. The cap is resealable just like any bottle and features the beautiful Monster logo in Red detailing.

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Import: Japan

Product Out of Production !!!

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