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Monster Energy Assault (POLAND) ( 12 Pack x 500ml )

Monster Energy Assault (POLAND) ( 12 Pack x 500ml )

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Monster Assault, incredible cherry cola flavored Monster energy drink, a sort of energy version of Coca Cola Cherry! The flavor is intense and from what they say, the cherry fruity part is not only an aftertaste, but balances perfectly with the classic cola aroma, giving life to a blend with a unique flavor!

sku: 1021

Import: Poland


We pack your Monsters very carefully with triple layer of bubble wrap and cardboard so that the cans do not move inside the box during the journey. We know how much you want to receive them intact.

Each type of Monster Energy presents in the title or description the possibility that the cans may or may not be dented. Sincerity is what we aim for in the first place.

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