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Fanta Lemon DK | Export (99 x 24 x 33cl)

Fanta Lemon DK | Export (99 x 24 x 33cl)

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On Pre-Order Only: Fanta is sold in packs of 99 trays on a pallet. Each pallet contains 99 x 24 x 33 cl. The indicated price includes VAT, but excludes shipping costs. Once you have placed your order, you will receive a pro-forma invoice which will include shipping costs, calculated based on the weight, volume and destination of your order. After payment, we will proceed with finalizing your order.

** Shipping 5-10 business days, (excluding national/international holidays)

*** We do not accept complaints for dented cans

NOTE: Il prezzo può variare a causa della fluttuazione del mercato

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