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Coca - Cola Vanilla USA ( 12 Pack x 355ml )

Coca - Cola Vanilla USA ( 12 Pack x 355ml )

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Like a bolt from the blue, here is Coca Cola Cherry Vanilla , the highly fizzy American Coca Cola with a cherry and vanilla flavour ! If you've always wondered which flavour, between Coca Cola Cherry and Coca Cola Vanilla , was your favourite, now you can have them both in one go, in the same can and, of course, you no longer have this age-old dilemma! At the first sip, as always, you will perceive the unmistakable taste of the legendary Coca Cola, but then, immediately after, the hints of cherry and vanilla will arrive, in unison, but quite distinct! A truly perfect combination, already successfully tested by other American sodas and which, finally, also arrives in the shiny red cans of Coca Cola made in the USA !

Import: USA

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